How to Make $10k/Month with Client SEO

  1. No cold-calling. (You WILL need to call the clients, but they will be warm/hot leads.)
  2. No previous SEO experience or results.
  3. No startup capital. (Start with no money.)

Sound good?

Let’s get started.

NOTE: You will be selling local SEO. This doesn’t mean the businesses have to be local to YOU, just that you will be helping them rank locally. You can use businesses from anywhere in the world.


1) You will need to learn SEO. This will take around 3 months.

To do this, you are going to read every post on Backlinko:

Yes, read ALL of them. I said this would be free, I didn’t say it would be easy.

Also, read every external post that this blog links to.

This will save you a lot of time and money. You will learn more from this blog than from any paid course.


2) You will need to know how to create local citations for businesses, and how to correctly use PBNs. (Not how to create them, just how to buy them and not over-optimize anchor text for Penguin.)

Anchor Text for PBNs (& guidelines):

Local Citations:

Citation Directories: https:/


3) You will use cold email to get clients.

Watch these videos:

If you want, watch these too:

The 4 videos on this page are very similar to the other three, but have different information.


NOTE: I use SiteProfiler for the video audit. Enter a competitor site and it will show keywords they are ranking for and backlinks they have.

It only shows referring domains not actual backlinks. You have to use some of your daily quota to show actual backlinks. Usually, just showing the domain to your client is enough. They will not know the difference.

You can use Ahrefs/Majestic/SEMRush if you want. (As shown in the video.)


4) In the beginning you will do all of the work yourself, eventually you will outsource it. I will talk about outsourcing later. For now, avoid services such as The Hoth like the plague they are.

My packages start at $500 and the work doubles for every $500 added. I always try to sell at least the $1500 package. This makes it easier to outsource the work. I spend no more than 60% on providing the service, meaning a minimum of 40% profit.


Here is how you will do the work:

(This is the basic $500 package, just double everything for every $500 added.)

1. On-page optimisation for 5 pages – I optimise everything including title tags (including the titles in the content), meta tags, image alt tags, 404 errors, etc. I also perform keyword research help with correct keyword density and using LSIs.

Tools you can use to perform a site audit:


Read my post to learn how to do keyword research:


2. Buy 2 pieces of content for the blog. I use 1000-2000 words from iWriter. Using the premium class will remove 60% of bad writers. I highly recommend this, but it’s your choice.


3. Create 5 local citations per month. Start with the big ones first: Google My Business, Google Plus+, Facebook Pages, Yelp, etc. Fully optimise these with information and images.


4. You will provide 2 guest posts for the $500 package – here is the process to get cheap but high quality guest posts:

Again, buy 1000-2000 words from iWriter for the post. You can hire a VA to do all of the work for you.


You can also buy guest posts:

These services are expensive, so only use them for higher paying clients. I have not tried them, but try them once and if they work, keep using them. Otherwise use the AuthorityHacker method of getting cheap guest posts.


5. I do not provide PBN links until the $1500 package. They are not needed for most local competition levels.

I use Hatred’s PBN links:


He also provides citations, though I have not tried them. It is easy to create them manually and for free. You only need 5 monthly citations for most local businesses. Too many is an obvious sign to Google of SEO work. Think, how many real businesses have 300+ citations?


I can also recommend the Diggity Marketing, Lion Zeal, and Charles Floate PBN networks.
These services charge a monthly fee. However, for local rankings, a one off blast is usually enough. You should look to pay around $200 for 5 high quality links.


The best types of businesses to target:

Low (DON’T use these, they don’t have the budget):

  • Self-Employed / Single Person Business
  • Family / Small Business
  • Make-up / Beauty Parlour
  • Hairdresser
  • Small Restaurant / Take-Out

Medium ($500 to $1500 package):

  • Plumber
  • Electrician
  • Roofer
  • Handyman & other trades

High ($2000 – $5000+):

  • Dentist
  • Doctor
  • Chiropractor
  • Estate Agents
  • Schools

Remember, the business needs room to expand for more clients, otherwise your service is useless.



  • Web Design – Many businesses have badly designed sites. Outsource the design or buy a theme from ThemeForest. I use Elementor, I hire someone to create a template for the niche and then I can use it for multiple clients. It is easy to edit, which you can show your client so they won’t bug you for minor edits.
  • Graphic Design – Logos, Business Cards, Social Media Banners
  • Facebook Ads – Learn to use FB ads, they have very quick & good returns. Explain that SEO takes time, but that FB ads gives very good traffic and buyers.


Best courses to learn Facebook Ads:

  • The Entrepreneur Alliance – Facebook Ads Mastery (Beginner Course)
  • Kevin David – Facebook Ads Masterclass (Advanced Course)

These are the only two courses you need to sell Facebook ads.


I will be releasing a tutorial on Facebook Ads soon. I’ll send it through my newsletter and post it in the private group, so you won’t miss it. I’ll also be doing a guide on outsourcing all of the work.


Any questions let me know.

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